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  1. Forum
  2. ☞ Forum posts (formatting)
  3. ☞ Tagging people
  4. Surprise Mail
  5. Swaps
  6. ☞ Swap-Bot


As you will be able to see, the forum is divided into sub-forums to make sure that the topics are organized and easier to find.
Everyone can contribute with their own topics, so please go ahead and start your own discussion!
Before posting in the forum, please make sure you’re in the right one; if you can’t find a suitable area for the topic you want to discuss, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to add a space where you can express your thoughts!

Forums & Subs:

  • PS Headquarters: This is a place for all the meta discussions: introductionssuggestions to improve the sitesignaling problems, etc.
  • Show and Mail: You can use this space to show us the beautiful letters and parcels you send or receive.
  • Penpal Ads: this forum is divided into age categories  to help you find new penpals more easily & quickly, so please only post in the right section!
  • Tags Games: host your own tag games and spread the fun! (Please make sure to read the rules first).
  • DIY-ers: use this category to discuss your recent DIY project, share ideas and tutorials with your fellow Postal friends, and anything else related to your handmade creations!
  • Mail Resources: use this section to share your own/someone else’s printable mail related freebies (making sure to give proper credits), mail inspiration websites, and in general your online resources when writing letters. Sharing is caring ♥
  • Miscellaneous: everything that doesn’t fit in the main categories. It’s divided into 3 subs: Book Club – where you can discuss your favourite books, ask and give recommendations for new reads and anything else related to literature! Blogging & Social Networking –  if you have a blog, or are an absolute social queen, here is where you get to do a little self-promoting – but keep in mind we don’t approve of spam. This category is for getting to know your fellow postal freaks through their online hangouts! Geekery – if you have a geeky side, let yourself go in this category. {e.g. videogames, comic books, computer, tv shows.. etc}

Forum Posts: a guide to formatting

EDIT: we’ve added a visual editor to the forum, so it should now be more intuitive and easy to use. However, keep reading if  you’re still having troubles with it.

Posting in the Forum might be a little bit tricky for those of you who aren’t too familiar with HTML, so here’s a little practical guide to make sure your posts will always be as you want the to!

  1. B: B stands for Bold, so if you want to make a word bold, highlight it, and then click on the B tab;
  2. I: I stands for Italic, so if you want to make a word italic, highlight it, and then click on the I tab;
  3. Link: refer to this post to see how link work;
  4. B-Quote: it stands for Block Quote, so if you want to quotate a sentence, highlight it, and then click on the B-Quote tab;
  5. Del:  represents a range of text that has been deleted, so if you’d like to cross over a word, highlight it, and then click on the Del tab;
  6. IMG: the IMG tab is what you need to embed a picture into your post. Click on it, paste the URL of the picture you’d like to post, and then click OK. You cannot upload pictures directly on the website, so make sure you upload them somewhere first. (To learn how to post pictures from Instagram, refer to this post);
  7. UL, OL, LI: OL is for an Ordered List (where the items are numbered), UL is for an Unordered List (shown as items with bullets), LI is for each item in a list, ordered or unordered.

Tagging People in your Posts/Replies

To tag people, all you have to do is know their username, which is in most cases different from the displayed name. To find someone username, just visit their profile. Lastly, to tag them, use an @ in front of their username, like this: @postalsociety

Visual example:


Surprise Mail is a project (suggested in the forum by Claudia) that allows you to pick a random address to send someone a random letter or trinkets whenever you’re inspired, have things to say, or you’re just bored. All of it without deadlines, penpal commitments and just for the fun!
To grant everyone’s safety, the page is protected by a password that will be shared only with the people interested in the project.
If you’d like to have your address listed and to have access to Surprise Mail, email us using the contact form on the website (include your address and let us know we have your consent to publish it in that section).


One of our goals, is to host at least one swap and a challenge each month, and to do that we’ll be using a website called swap-bot. In order to participate, you’ll need to create a profile there, (if you haven’t already) and join our group.

Since ours is a private group, we need to make sure that those who apply are actual members of the Postal Society before approving them (we want a safe enviroment, don’t you?), so please fill out your profile, and state somewhere what your PS username is, so that we can easily see that you’re part of the family.

Some challenges won’t require a partner (e.g. they will be creative mail-related tasks that you’ll be able to complete whether or not you’ll mail them out), and in that case, they’ll be held in the forum in a designated section.

For the record: swaps and challenges are not mandatory to join, but surely recommended for a good dose of fun!


So you want to take part in our awesome swaps, uh? But you don’t have a swap-bot account, or the foggiest idea of what it is. Well here’s the guide for you!

Swap-Bot is a handy dandy ro(bot) aka website where you can participate in swaps with people from all over the world! You simply make an account, fill out your profile (the longer the better; make sure to state your likes, dislikes, allergies, etc!) and voila! You’re now able to browse for swaps. How do I do that? Simply click the “Find Swaps” button and go nuts! Keep in mind, until you complete some swaps and receive ratings you’ll be limited as to what swaps you can join. It stinks, but keep looking! Also, obviously use common sense – if you want good ratings, go above and beyond, and you might just receive a heart! If you don’t send your part of the swap at all, you’ll be known as a flaker – beware!

For a more in-depth guide, read here.

Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Contact us and we’ll be glad to clear your doubts!

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