About the achievements..

You guys must have noticed the presence of the achievements, and we’re very happy you liked the idea of being able to get points as a reward for them.
To make sure you all enjoy this new feature, here’s some facts about them that you should know:

  • We won’t make public a complete list of the achievements,Β to avoid cheating of any kind but
  • in general, you can unlock achievements by: posting in the forum, getting friends, posting messages on your (or other’s) wall, liking stuff, sharing etc.
  • All the premium membersΒ get a special achievement and 25 extra Karma points.
  • Every month, the winner of the monthly challenge gets a special achievement and a variable number of extra Karma points, as well as 2 runner ups.

But what to do with them and the karma points? Well, every month, the leader of the board (i.g. the person with the higher number of karma points), will get a special treat from us!

(And also some healthy competition never hurt anybody :P)

If you have any further question, please feel free to ask!


8 thoughts on “About the achievements..”

  1. Also, does our premium membership carry over from the postal society on ning.com ? I emailed about this a couple of months ago & said it would (: would just like to know if that’s still the case!

    Thank you!

    1. It requires a certain number of action repeated in time, and you’ll notice when you unlock one πŸ™‚ If there’s ever gonna be a problem with the automatic system, we can assign them manually, so don’t worry! Just be patient πŸ˜›

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