A new beginning!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Postal Society 2.0!

We’re really excited to finally have a site on our own, and we cannot wait to get it started with you!

Before starting with fun though, let’s see what’s new with us, shall we?


  • First and foremost, as you might have noticed, we now have our own snazzy domain name! How official, right?!
  • The forum is now better organized in different sub-forums to suits all your needs, and we also implemented threaded comments to make replies easier to read and find.
  • You can now add friends, comments on profiles, and send private messages, so that joining a swap or simply exchanging addresses will be much practical and easy.
  • Adding an ‘@’ in front of a name, will now notify the person that they’ve been mentioned!
  • The site now works on mobiles, so you’ll have your Postal Society always with you even on the go!
  • Unlocking achievements is now easier. Whenever you’ll make a certain action, a pop up will appear to let you know an achievement has been unlocked! We will have special achievement to unlock for challenge winners and more, that will be unlocked by a special code, too. Every achievement will give you a certain amount of points, and we’re thinking of something special for the highest rankers in the leaderboard *wink wink* (Stay tuned for more info about this).

Who’s excited to get started? Here’s a handy link to the forum to start diving right into it 🙂

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the new site, we’d love to hear from you!

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